Crossing The Threshold

#3: Chris Taylor - Eco-revolutionary. Author. Poet. - Finding Your Purpose

July 31, 2020

Eco-revolutionary. Author. Poet. Mentor to Gen Z world-changers. Commune farmer –– Chris Taylor embodies the term ‘changemaker’.

Since 1978, Chris has been involved in movements for global change. He now holds several coordinating roles within Extinction Rebellion, focusing on future visioning, living our values and rekindling a sense of the sanctity of all life.

Across decades, Chris has developed a unique approach to supporting radical change. Since 2007, he has been a full-time facilitator and coach for organisations and individuals who are working to transform the world from a materialistic, profit-driven paradigm to one prioritising life, community and wellbeing. He is motivated by a sense of social justice and a love for the living planet, as well as an understanding that civilisation as we now know it is likely to crumble within our lifetimes if we don't enact radical change.

His passion is working with young people, especially those seeking to make our world a better place. He supports them in finding their own unique purpose, within the context of a world in crisis.

Join us in Episode 3 of Crossing the Threshold, as we discuss how to help young people to find their purpose.

Chris is also a tai chi teacher and father to three adult children. He lives on a communal organic farm where he is learning the intricacies of a regenerative relationship with land, food and community living.


Chris’s LinkedIn:


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The Oasis Foundation, where he does most of his work:


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